Hilfreiche NMAP Scanner Kommandos

Hier einige sehr nützliche Kommandos für NMAP.

Command Set

Discover Hosts

export IPRANGE=''
nmap -e tun0 -sn -v -oA pingscan $IPRANGE

Parse Results

grep Up pingscan.gnmap | awk '{print$2}' > 172_16_ping_ips.txt

Discover Services

nmap -v -sSV -A -O -iL 172_16_ping_ips.txt

Discover more Hosts

nmap -PE -PS80,443,3389 -PP -PU40125,161 -PA21 --source-port 53 $IPRANGE

Sonstige Kommandos

Ping Scan

nmap -sP

schneller Scan


systematischer Scan

nmap -e tun0 -PE -sn -n -oA pingscan
grep Up pingscan.gnmap | awk '{print$2}' > 172_16_ping_ips.txt
nmap -e tun0 -sSV -O --top-ports 3800 -oA portscan172_ping_ips -iL 172_16_ping_ips.txt

gezielt Scannen

nmap -v -A -O -oX /root/op.xml -iL /home/kali/Desktop/hosts.txt
-A: Enable OS detection, version detection, script scanning, and traceroute
-O: Enable OS detection
-oN/-oX/-oS/-oG <file>: Output scan in normal, XML, s|<rIpt kIddi3,
     and Grepable format, respectively, to the given filename.
-iL <inputfilename>: Input from list of hosts/networks

Hostservices scannen

nmap -sSV $IP

Schwachstellen scannen

nmap -v --script vuln $IP

NMAP Scans verschleiern

--scan-delay/--max-scan-delay <time>: Adjust delay between probes
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